Car Wash/Pet/Child Bath Sponges

Car Wash/Pet/Child Bath Sponges
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Product Description

Car Wash
  • Soap & Wax Built In
  • All-In-One Cleaning System!
  • Patented Soap Infusion Process
  • Just add water and squeeze
  • Use up to 8 Times
  • Auto Wash & Wax Sponge
  • Detail & Degreaser Sponge
  • Eliminator Chamois

Just wet the sponge and squeeze to use. Rinse. Repeat. Its that simple!

This package includes:
  • Wash & Wax Sponge
  • Detail & Degreaser Sponge
  • Eliminator Chamois
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    Pet Sponge
    Uncle Norman's Pet Sponge
    Shampoo, Conditioner and Odor Inhibitor Built-In Just Add Water Paraben Free
    It's a hassle to bathe your pet at home, even if he's only teacup size. Not all dogs, and no cats that I know of, enjoy being bathed. Most of them don't just sit still while you wet, shampoo, rinse, rinse again, condition, rinse, etcetera. They squirm and cry and shudder, and make you believe yourself that you are wickedly mistreating them.
    You simply soak the sponge, squeeze, and your kitty or pooch or horse is ready for bath time. And because everything's included, bath time can go by a bit quicker for those pets who would rather be somewhere else. Easier to wash your pet with one hand and hold your pet with the other hand.

    Puddle Pals
    Spongetech Puddle Pals

    Now Kids can wash themselves and have fun in the tub as well. New Puddle Pals child sponges bring high-tech fun to bathtime. This child bath toy is filled with hypoallergenic Ultra Gentle soap so your little one gets clean without irritating sensitive skin. Up to 8 washes per bath sponge. Used for children 3 years and older. Puddle Pals are perfect as unique gifts or as party favors. Great for trips to bathe your child.