(DNA) 2007 Tee
(CROWN EDITION) Tee Large Crown
(CROWN EDITION) Tee Small Crown
10 Chef Craft Kitchen Gadgets
100% Pure Silk Panty
2 Piece Chemise and G-String Set
2 Piece Set with Venice Trim Back (SHN 2758)
27 LED Work Light
2Pc. Airline Key Hole Dress W/ Hat (LG 83072)
2Pc. Embroidered Satin Corset
2Pc. Eyelet Bustier & G-String
2pc. Sheer chemise
2PC.Velvet trimmed satin and sheer mini dress
3 GOLDEN LEGS Support Pantyhose
3 PC. Rose lace mini dress (LG 86069)
3 Piece Baby Doll-Micro (IA3595)
3 Sheer Control Top Pantyhose
3Pc. Fence Net Sheer Cami Garter
4 Item Combo Pack #4
7Pc. Detective Outfits Includes Hat, Cape, Vert, Skirt, (LG 8003)
a test
About George Foreman
Amazing Collection of Leg Avenue's CORSET, GARTER & G-STRING Sets
AromaSpa Flameless Candle
Aruba Aloe
Aruba Aloe: Bath Gel (9oz)
Asian Brocade Corset
Best Selling Lace Chemise (sh 3380)
Bras And Panties
Bubble Bliss™ Plus Luxury Foot Bubbler (BB-3-K)
Butterfly Crotchless W/Peral Sequin (LG2600)
Butterfly Open Crotch Thong - Shiny Bottom (669)
Butterfly Open-Crotch Thong w/ Whistle (666w)
Butterfly Thong Panty (03-555)
Cajun Pizza
Car Wash/Pet/Child Bath Sponges
Charmeuse CHEMISE
Charmeuse KIMONO
Charmeuse Long Gown (sh 3665)
Chiffon Robe
Chiffon Robe/Sleepshirt (SH 1068)
Chiffon Top Baby Doll (LG 8279)
China Doll Sexy Print Dress
Closeout Specials
Costumes, Accessories & Other
Cotton Rib 2 Piece Set (2017)
Cotton Rib Bodysuit (sh 2409)
Cross-Front Satin Thong w/ Embroidery (P38)
Customer Service
Danier Babydoll with Bikini (sh 2272)
Deep Fryers/Cookers
Deluxe Power Valet
Door Guard Alarm with Mini LED Light
Double Bow G-String with Heart Back (PL-38)
Dream Girl
Dreamgirl Bikini in shiny basketweave (dg2195)
Dreamgirl Chiffon Crotchless Thong (DG 1140)
Dreamgirl Chiffon Crotchless Thong (Dg 1140)
Dreamgirl Crotchless Panty (DG 1083)
Dreamgirl Crotchless Panty w/ Sheer Back (DG 1103)
Dreamgirl Marry a Millionaire Set (DG 2175)
Dreamgirl Open Crotch Panty (DG 1137)
Dreamgirl Open Crotch Panty (DG 1137)
Dreamgirl Ruffle Flounce Thong (DG 1141)
Dreamgirl Sex Kitten 2 pc Set (DG2178)
Dreamgirl sheer lycra Chemise (DG 1977)
Dreamgirl stretch lace Baby Doll (DG 2096)
Dreamgirl Tube Top and Matching Short (DG 2199)
Dreamgirl two piece chantilly lace bikini set (2194)
Dual Switch Personal Palm Sized Alarm
Electronics Gadgets
EMBROIDERED with 3 butterflies (PL-777)
Envirascape Fountains
EnviraScape™ Silver Springs (WFL-SLVS)
Exotic, Exclusive & Exciting Collection
Eyelash Lace Teddy (SHN 2532)
Fabulous fruit pizza
Fabulous Fry Pan Favorites Book from Presto
Fancy Lace Thong (2010)
Fat Track
Fishnet mini dress with opaque stripes(LG86088)
Fishnet Suspender Pantyhose (LG 1402Q)
Flip Your Lid T-Shirts
Flip Your Lid Wear (Beanies)
Flip Your Lid Wear (DNA) Youth Tee
Flip Your Lid Wear (Name) Tee
Flip Your Lid Wear (XTREME) Tee
Flip Your Lid Wear Back Pack
Flip Your Lid Wear FlexFit Hat
Flip Your Lid Wear Sport Jacket
Flip Your Lid Wear Sport POLO
Flip Your Lid Wear Sport Towel
Flip Your Lid Wear Sun Visor
Flip Your Lid Wear Tee (Flipman)
Flip Your Lid Wholesale
Flip Your Lid Youth Wear
Flipman Tee
FREE Recipes
Garage Parking System
Gorgeous Glass Bracelet
Halter Dress W/ Rhine Stone Gold Plated Dollar Sign (8644)
Halter Rose Lace Dress (lg8718)
Halter Rose Lace Dress (Plus Size)
Health & Fitness
Heating Pads
Home & Garden
Home Movie Mania
Homedic Moist/Dry King Size Heeting Pad (HP-300)
Homedics 10-Piece Adjustable Clipper (PC-100)
Homedics BPW-101 (BPW101) Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Homedics Bubble Spa Luxury Foot Bubbler (BS-100)
Homedics BubbleSpa Ultra Luxury Foot Bubbler with Heat (BS-100H)
Homedics FootSalon Ultra Massaging Foot Spa with Heat (FS-1HK)
Homedics Hair care
Homedics Hot/Cold Therapy
Homedics Magnetic Massage Support (MW-SP)
Homedics Magnetic Rope-Style Bracelets (MB-G1)
Homedics Magnetic Therapy
Homedics Massage
HoMedics Neck Massager (NW-1AST)
Homedics Sensory: Fountains & Aroma
Homedics Smart-Foam Rest (SF-NR)
Homedics SmartFoam
Homedics Soundspa IPOD Docking Station (SS-6510)
Homedics SoundSpa Natural (SS-2000)
Homedics Spa
Homedics Standard Size Moist/Dry Heating Pad (HP-200)
Homedics UltraSpa Luxury Foot Bubbler with Heat, Rollers and Pedicure Center (US-2H
Hoodie Pull Over (BIG)
Introductory Offer - Plus Size LINGERIE Set 70% OFF
Its RED 3pc Combo1
Lace Garter Belt Plus Size (LG 8888Q)
Lace Garter w/Matching Thongs (LG 8888)
Lace Mini Dress w/ G-String (8316Q)
Leg Avenue V Back Fishnet Bodystocking (LG 8933)
Leg Avenue - Best Selling Open Front Pantyhose (LG 1905)
Leg Avenue 2 PC. Fishnet cut out halter dress
Leg Avenue 2 pc. Long Gown w/ G-string (LG 8488)
Leg Avenue 2 Piece Bikini Bodysuit w/ Stocking (LG 8212)
Leg Avenue 2 Piece Satin Tapestry Corset Set (LG 8608)
Leg Avenue 2 tone rose lace Halter dress (LG 8270)
Leg Avenue 2016
Leg Avenue 2Pc. Gothic Camper Girls Costume
Leg Avenue 2Pc. Lycra Mesh Chemise (LG 86030)
Leg Avenue 3 items
Leg Avenue 3 Items
Leg Avenue 3 Pc Top & Garter/Thong Set (LG 8573)
Leg Avenue 5 Items
Leg Avenue 5Pc. Newspaper Girl Outfit
Leg Avenue 5PC.Tribal Goddess,dress (83805)
Leg Avenue Anklet w/ Ruffle (LG 3013)
Leg Avenue Baby Doll w/ Matching G-String (LG 8122)
Leg Avenue Bikini Thong set (LG 8485)
Leg Avenue Bikini Top & Thong Set (LG 8747)
Leg Avenue Bikini Top w/ Mini Skirt (LG 8722)
Leg Avenue Bikini Zipper Two Piece Set (LG V5532)
Leg Avenue Bodystocking (LG 8045Q)
Leg Avenue Bodystocking, Catsuits, Jumpsuits, Tights & Warmer pants
Leg Avenue Boudoir Rose Lace Mini Dress(LG86044)
Leg Avenue Bow Lace Bodystocking (LG 8045)
Leg Avenue Bow Lace Bodystocking (LG 8809)
Leg Avenue Bra w/ Thong Set (LG 2398/2470)
Leg Avenue Butterfly Mesh 3 piece set (LG 8372)
Leg Avenue Camisole with G-string (LG 8701)
Leg Avenue Camouflage 2 Piece Set (LG 8206)
Leg Avenue Chain Bikini Set (LG 8738)
Leg Avenue Chain Bikini Thong Set (LG 8611)
Leg Avenue checker board halter mini dress (LG 8286)
Leg Avenue Checker Bra w/ Shorts Set (LG 8486)
Leg Avenue Chemise
Leg Avenue Chemise w/ Jacket (LG 8546)
Leg Avenue Corset Set w/ Matching G-String (LG 8850)
Leg Avenue Crochet Bodystocking (LG 8300)
Leg Avenue Crotcheted Feather Sequin Bikini Set (LG 8559)
Leg Avenue Dual Fishnet Pantyhose (LG 9901)
Leg Avenue Feather Mini Dress (LG 8609)
Leg Avenue Fishnet Bodystocking (LG 8670)
Leg Avenue Fishnet Bodystocking (LG 8296)
Leg Avenue Fishnet BodyStocking (LG 8378)
Leg Avenue Fishnet Bodystocking (LG 8728)
Leg Avenue Fishnet Bodysuit (LG 8284)
Leg Avenue Fishnet Long Dress - Free G-String (LG 8292)
Leg Avenue Fishnet Stockings (LG 9027)
Leg Avenue Fishnet Stockings (LG 9658)
Leg Avenue Flame Bikini Set ( LG 8600)
Leg Avenue Floral Mini Chemise (LG 8547)
Leg Avenue French Lace Bodystocking (LG 8890)
Leg Avenue French Maid Fifi (83617)
Leg Avenue Garter Belt (LG 1767)
Leg Avenue Garter Belt (LG 1767Q)
Leg Avenue Geometric Net Pantyhose (LG 9907)
Leg Avenue Glitter Fishnet Pantyhose (LG 9012)
Leg Avenue Glitter keyhole dress w/silk flower (LG 8523)
Leg Avenue Glow in Dark Tights (LG 7260)
Leg Avenue Halter Lace Mini Dress (LG 8478)
Leg Avenue Halter Rose Lace Dress (LG 8718)
Leg Avenue Halter Style bodystocking (LG 8683)
Leg Avenue Honeycomb Bodystocking (LG 8749)
Leg Avenue Igloo Cutie (83801)
Leg avenue Industrial Net Long Sleeves Dress (LG 8278)
Leg Avenue Jumpsuit w/ Lace Up Back (LG 8342)
Leg Avenue Keyhole long trail dress w/silk flower (LG 8521)
Leg Avenue Lace Babydoll w/ G-String (LG 8782)
Leg Avenue Lace Bikini w/ Tanga Short Set (LG 8561)
Leg Avenue Lace Bodystocking (LG 8046)
Leg Avenue Lace Bodystocking (LG 8699)
Leg Avenue Lace Bra Top W/ Pant (LG 8700)
Leg Avenue Lace Chemise (LG 8266)
Leg Avenue Lace Mini Dress W/ Free G-String (LG 8316 & LG 8316Q)
Leg Avenue Lace Top Thigh High Stockings (LG 9750)
Leg Avenue Lace Trim Warmer Pants (LG 7247Q)
Leg Avenue Lace up back Bodystocking (LG 8787)
Leg Avenue Leopard Bikini Top w/ Hot Pants (LG 8361)
Leg Avenue Lingerie $1 EACH
Leg Avenue Long Dress (LG 8211)
Leg Avenue Long Dress - Lace Back (LG 8739)
Leg Avenue Long Dress - Mesh Insert (LG 8275)
Leg Avenue Long Dress w/ Hot Pants (LG 8340)
Leg Avenue Long Gown (LG 8719)
Leg Avenue Long Sleeves Fishnet Chemise W/ G-String (LG 8290)
Leg avenue Lurex Bodystocking (LG 8702)
Leg Avenue Lurex Stockings (LG 6280)
Leg Avenue Lurex Zebra Tights (LG 7106)
Leg Avenue Lycra Bikini w/ Thong Set (LG 8924)
Leg Avenue Lycra Bodystocking (LG 8748)
Leg Avenue Lycra Control Top Pantyhose (LG 0801)
Leg Avenue Lycra Fishnet Stockings (LG 1025)
Leg Avenue Lycra Net Long Sleeve Dress (LG 8003)
Leg Avenue Lycra Sheer Stockings (LG 1023)
Leg Avenue Lycra String Thong (LG 2472)
Leg Avenue Lycra Tie Top w/ G-String (LG 8007)
Leg Avenue Mesh Bikini Set
Leg Avenue Mesh Bikini Set (LG 8576)
Leg Avenue Mesh Garter Dress with web lace trim
Leg Avenue Metal "O" Ring Leather Bikini Set. (LG 8449)
Leg Avenue Mini Dresses
Leg Avenue Mistress Maid Uniform (83624)
Leg Avenue Multicolor Beaded Bikini Top (LG 8480)
Leg Avenue Net Halter Top w/ Thong Set (LG 8605)
Leg Avenue Opaque Stockings (LG 6258)
Leg avenue Opaque Stockings w/ Bow (LG 6255)
Leg Avenue Opaque Wide Stripe Stocking (LG 6110)
Leg Avenue Open Crotch Bodystocking (LG 8254)
Leg Avenue Open Crotch Bodystocking (LG 8380)
Leg Avenue Open Crotch Bodystocking (LG 8676)
Leg Avenue Pantyhose, Anklets, Stockings & Tights
Leg Avenue Pearl Thong Bikini Set (LG 8562)
Leg Avenue Pucker lace Halter Mini Dress (LG 8269)
Leg Avenue Red Sequined Bikini Thong Set (LG 8558)
Leg Avenue Retro Print Halter Mini Dress (LG 8930)
Leg Avenue Retro Print Mini Dress (LG 8220)
Leg Avenue Retro Print Mini Dress (LG 8955)
Leg Avenue Rhinestone Buckle Chemise (LG 8233)
Leg Avenue Ribbed Stockings w/ Bow (LG 6269)
Leg Avenue Rose Lace Bodystocking (LG 8743)
Leg Avenue Rose Lace Bodystocking (LG 8743)
Leg Avenue Rose Lace Mini Dress (LG 8689)
Leg Avenue Rose Lace Stockings (LG 9215)
Leg Avenue Ruffle front Bikini set (LG 8247)
Leg Avenue Satin Metal boned Corset Set (LG 8607)
Leg Avenue Seam Thigh Hi (LG 1101Q)
Leg Avenue Seamless Fishnet Bodystocking (LG 8671Q)
Leg Avenue Seamless Fishnet Bodystocking (LG 8671Q)
Leg Avenue Sequin Bikini Set w/ Butterfly Back (LG 8606)
Leg Avenue Sequin O-Ring Tube Dress(LG 8248)
Leg Avenue Sequin sheer mini dress (28060)
Leg Avenue Sequined Bikini Set (LG 8008)
Leg Avenue Sequined Bikini Thong Set (LG 8249)
Leg Avenue Sequined Bikini Thong Set (LG 8560)
Leg Avenue Sexy BIKINI & BRA SETS
Leg Avenue Sexy Bodysuits, Teddy,Tops & Skirts
Leg Avenue Sexy Tie Top & Ruffled Pants (LG 8730)
Leg Avenue Sexy Velvet Burn-Out Chemise (LG 8740)
Leg Avenue Sheer Chemise w/ G-String (LG 8602)
Leg Avenue Sheer Stocking (LG 9019)
Leg Avenue Sheer Stockings w/ Rhinestone Anklets (LG 9216)
Leg Avenue Sheer Thigh High Stocking (LG 1022)
Leg Avenue Slinky Fabric Mini Dress (LG 8516)
Leg Avenue Slinky Long Dress w/ Mesh (LG 8092)
Leg Avenue Slinky Tube Dress with Open Sides (LG 8260)
Leg Avenue Spider Web Dress (LG 8905)
Leg Avenue Spider Web Bodystocking (LG 8708)
Leg Avenue Spider Web Long Gown w/ Shorts (LG 8535)
Leg Avenue Spider Web Sheer Pantyhose (LG 7502)
Leg Avenue Spider Web T-Shirt (LG 8767)
Leg Avenue Stocking (LG 1000Q)
Leg Avenue Stockings (LG 1011)
Leg Avenue Stockings (LG 1011Q)
Leg Avenue Stockings w/ Garter Belt (LG 1769)
Leg Avenue Strapless Ruffle Top w/ Hot Pants (LG 8268)
Leg Avenue Stretch Lace Bikini Set (LG 8377)
Leg Avenue Stretch lace Bustier w/ G-string (LG 8732)
Leg Avenue Support Pantyhose( LG 008Q)
Leg Avenue Suspender Lace Bodystocking (LG 8762)
Leg Avenue Susupender Pantyhose( LG 1907Q)
Leg Avenue Swirl Bodystocking (LG 8788)
Leg Avenue Swirl Lace Bodystocking (LG 8256)
Leg Avenue Thigh Hi w/ Garterbelt (LG 1656Q)
Leg Avenue Thong Back Sheer Pantyhose (LG 1902)
Leg Avenue Thong Back Lycra Pantyhose (LG 0995)
Leg Avenue Thong Back Teddy/Bodysuit (LG 8226)
Leg avenue Thong Bikini Set (LG 8327)
Leg Avenue Tie Neck Mini Dress (LG 8430)
Leg Avenue Tube 2 in 1 Dress (LG 8760)
Leg Avenue Tube Chemise (LG 8332)
Leg Avenue Tube Dress (LG 8005)
Leg Avenue Velvet Halter Mini Dress (LG 8518)
Leg Avenue Vest Dress w/ Hot pants (LG 8789)
Leg Avenue Vinly Corset (V5018)
Leg Avenue Vinyl & Faux Leather
Leg Avenue Vinyl Hot Pant & Bra Top Set (V8122-V4110)
Leg Avenue Vinyl Top w/ Mini Shorts (LG V5113-V8250)
Leg Avenue Wet look Slinky Halter Mini Dress (LG 8271)
Leg Avenue Zipper back Corset w/ Matching String Bikini (LG 8214)
Leg AvenueTeddy Bodystocking (LG 8510)
Leg Avneue Fishnet Suspender Pantyhose (LA 1402)
Lingerie Closeout
Lips Cami & Thong Set (DG 2235)
Lips Teddy (DG 2232)
Long Gown
Long Gown & Thong Set
lurex deep V mini dress
Lurex Top, G-String & Garter Set (LG 8371)
Magic Silk
Magnetic Elbow Wrap - Hot & Cold
Manicure Center
Mesh Lace Up Camisole with G-String
Mesh Tie-Top W/V-Short (8336)
Murano Fashion jewelry
Neck & Shoulder Massager with SQUSH™ (nmsq-200)
Non Stick Untensil Set
Official Presto® Pressure Cooker Cookbook
Opaque Footless Tights LG7876
Opaque Mini Dress W/ Sheer Halter Top (LG 8499)
Open Crotch Lace Thongs (pl 15-31)
Open-Crotch Thong with Butterfly Applique
Ortho Therapy Memory Foam Contour Pillow
Padded Pushup Long Gown
Pantyhose, Stockings, Catsuits & Bodystockings
Personal Alarms
Plaid Pleat Schoolgirl Skirt (8067)
Plaid Safety Pin Chain Bra Top And Skirt (81022)
Plus Size Collection
Popcorn Poppers
Popcorn Recipies
PowerPop® Microwave Multi-Popper
Pressure Cookers/Canners
Presto 11" Electric Skillet Model 06620
Presto 16" Electric Skillet w/Glass Cover
Presto 16-inch Electric Skillet (6850)
Presto Aluminum Pressure Cooker 6-quart Model 01264
Presto BigGriddle™ Cool Touch Electric Griddle
Presto Electric Tea Kettle - Model 02703
Presto Electronic Clock/Timer model 04212
Presto FryDaddy electric deep fryer (5420)
Presto Knife Sharpner - Model 08800
Presto Liddle Griddle® - Model 07211
Presto Pizzazz pizza oven Model 03430
Presto PopLite® hot air corn popper Model 04820
Presto Pressure Canner 23-quart - Model 01781
Presto Products
Presto PROFRY Immersion Element Deep Fryer(5462)
Presto Salad Shooter® slicer/shredder Model 02910
Presto Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Model 02811
Presto® 12-inch electric stainless steel skillet (7300)
Presto® 16-Quart Pressure Canner (01755)
Presto® 20-Inch Cool Touch Electric Griddle Model 07030
Presto® 8-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker & Canner Model 01282
Presto® Aluminum Pressure Cookers 4-quart Model 01241
Presto® Cool Touch Electric Foldaway™ Griddle
Presto® Cool Touch Tilt'nDrain™ Griddle (7045)
Presto® CoolDaddy® cool touch electric deep fryer(05443)
Presto® DualDaddy™ electric deep fryer (5450)
Presto® Orville Redenbacher's Hot Air Popper Model 04821
Presto® PowerCrisp™ microwave bacon cooker
Presto® Professional 22-inch Electric Griddle (7039)
Presto® Professional 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
Presto® Professional SaladShooter® electric slicer/shredder
Presto® Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 4-quart - Model 01341
Presto® Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 6-quart - Model 01362
Prince Line Chemise
Return Info.
Return Information
Roasted ratatouille pizza
Romantic Corset
Rose Lace Bodystocking Plus Size ( LG 8743Q)
Santa fe pizza
Satin Jacquard Strapless Corset (SHN 8997)
Seamless opaque mini dress
Seamless V Back Crouchless Bodystocking
Sexy & Elegant Dresses
Sheer Lace & Fringe Halter Top & Skirt (CQ-649)
Sheer Lycra & Lace Bustier (CQ-600)
Sheer Nylon Stocking (SH 6561)
Sheer Open Crotch Panty with Lace (DG 1081)
Shirley of Hollywood - Sexy Lingerie Supplier since 1949
Silky Chemise (sh 8463)
Silky Support PantyHose (3 pack)
Single String Thong - 99709
Sleeveless t-shirt
Slinky Cowl Neck Dress W/ Rhinestone Trim And Mesh Cap Sleeves
Slinky Deep V Cut Dress W/ Rhine Stone Brotch (86240)
Slinky Halter Dress W/ Rhine Stone Brooch (8464)
Slinky Mini Dress
Slinky V Cut Dress Mini W/Cut outs (8237)
Soft Metallic Net Crop Top/G-String (SHN 1062)
Sparkle Mesh Teddy (CQ-576)
Spinach, Onion & Blue Cheese Pizza
Sports Snacks
Strappy spandex tube dress
Stretch Lace Bodysuit Thong Back (sh 2896)
Stretch Lace Underwire Babydoll (DG 3145)
Stripped Stretch Mesh 2 Piece Set (sh 2676)
Suspender Pantyhose (LG 1901Q)
T-Fal / Tefal
T-FAL Perfection
Tanita Body Fat Analyzer (TBF 612) Athlete Model
Tanita Duo Athletic Body Fat Monitor (TBF622)
TFAL 8.25 Inch Saute Pan
TFAL Cookware
The Butterfly Thong & G-String Collection
Therapist Select™ Compact Percussion Action Massager PA-MH
Therapist Select™ Quad-Action Percussion Massager PA-30H
Therapist Select™ Shiatsu Massaging Pillow (SP-10H)
Therapist Select™ Shiatsu Plus (SBM-300)
Thi-Hi W/Lace Top
Tic-tac-toe Pizza
Tools For Her
Top, Pant & G-String - 3 Piece Set (LG 8737) MUST SELL SAVE 35.99
Track Jacket (LIVE 2)
Track Pants
Travel Alarm
Tube Skirt With G-String 4 Piece Set (LG 8528)
Two Piece Sets
Velour Bra & Thong Set (LG 8707)
Vinyl V Front Shorts (LG V4016)
Wholesale Fashion Jewelry
YOUTH Athletic Pants (2 lines)
YOUTH Relentless Tee
YOUTH trick shorts
YOUTH Trick Shorts 2