Homedics Magnetic Therapy

Treat your pain with the comfort of magnetic therapy. Studies have shown that this natural, non-invasive therapy relieves pain and helps promote the body's natural healing process by improving blood flow and oxygen exchange to injured areas. Magnetic therapy is a complementary way to enhance the relief of pain. The magnets themselves do not heal. They create an environment in the body that helps speed up the natural healing process. It is believed that when the human blood stream passes through a magnetic field, it stimulates the blood stream and nerves while raising the blood oxygen level to promote the health of every cell.

Homedics Magnetic Rope-Style Bracelets (MB-G1)
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Sale price: $11.95
Homedics Magnetic Massage Support (MW-SP)
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Magnetic Elbow Wrap - Hot & Cold
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Regular price: $19.99
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